Becoming A Better Person!

Hey Everybody!  So I decided that I want to become a better person. I wrote some goals down that I want to accomplish. Most of these take into effect on May 6 because until then, I am focusing on passing my AP English exam. After May 6, I will dedicate my time and effort into achieveing these goals.

Why do I want to be a better person? 

Well I’m starting college on August 31 and I just want to be as culturally educated as possible. A lot of my goals are mostly college prep types of things so I can be more well rounded and ready for college.

Here’s my list!

  1. Read more “smart” books. I’m currently reading The Scarlet Letter and Wuthering Heights. I want to discover similar books and maybe cross them off my list.
  2. Practice my Spanish. I speak Spanish at home but it’s never anything more than si and no. 
  3. Continue to learn French. I’m learning french on duolingo and want to continue to do so!
  4. Become organized. My room is currently in a state of dilapidation. It needs cleaning.
  5. Learn Math on the level I should be at. Math class hasn’t been a thing for me for about 2 years…
  6. Spend more time with loved ones. I’m really bad at spending time with friends and such. 😦

Well I can’t think of anything more! If I remember I will update this list! Thanks for reading. Share any tips and maybe give me some more ideas!

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Confessions of a Teenage Girl

1. I’m scared that if I break up with my boyfriend I won’t have any friends because they’ll all choose him over me.

2. Although I got accepted to my dream college, I’m having doubts because I’m scared of cashing out $45,000/year to get an education in God knows what.

3. I haven’t told my mom I love her since I was 11 or 12.

4. I think I’m actually bipolar but I haven’t seeked any help because I’m afraid people will think I’m exaggerating or  crazy.

5. I might be a lymphomaniac. All I think about is sex and the only time I feel confident is when I’m having it.

6. I have an obsession for a very specific person.

7. I want to dance at parties but I don’t want anybody to comment on how I’m finally dancing.

8. Honestly, I just want to get married and have kids so I can guide them through life so they don’t make the same mistakes I have. 

9. I’m impulse driven, even though I don’t seem like it. Sudden impulses make me do things like steal, cheat, alter my apperance, or act out.

10. I love male attention.

My Blog Goals

Hey Everybody! Since I’ve been keeping my blog up and running for about a week I’ve decided to commit a little more to this and become consistent! These are my goals for this blog, I’m hoping to reach them by the end of Summer ’15. Please like, share, and follow my blog!

  1. Have an active community. I don’t need a specific number of followers but I’d love to have active comments flowing on my posts as well as e-mails from readers, suggestions, and tips.
  2. Stay commited. So far I’m really enjoying my blog and have been on it everyday (but I’ll be spacing out my posts just a bit) so I plan on not abandoning it. I’ve also been getting a lot more attention than any other blog I’ve had in such a little time! I feel really appreciated whenever I get a like or a follow!
  3. Stay consistent. I’m working on a schedule that will organize my blog a lot more!
  4. Have an independent domain. Okay, so this I can easily get with a little bit of cash but I don’t want to splurge when I haven’t been online for too long!
  5. Corresponding social media. I already have a corresponding Tumblr that’s under construction but once I get a bigger following I might make an Instagram. If you would like to see my personal Instagram, it’s @vanesa_isaura. I’m also thinking about making Youtube videos in the future!
  6. A more practical website layout. Bare with me for now, I’m no professsional!

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Paper Towns by John Green | Movie Expectations

Hey Everybody!

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You can buy this wonder book here for less than $6!  Paper Towns

I’d like to talk about my expectations for the new Paper Towns movie set to come out in early June of this year. Regardless of what my attitude seems about The Fault in Our Stars, I am extremely excited to go see the movie! 

Cara Delevigne and Nat Wolff will be staring in this movie and I think the cast in general isn’t as much as a disappointment as when the cast of TFiOS was announced. I have high expectations for Nat Wolff, especially because he is a good actor. Cara, however, is a bit strange for me. I love her as a model and I even follow her on instagram but I don’t know what to expect considering I’ve never seen her act. Nat Wolff is the only cast member that I can associate with other movies or shows. Personally, if I were to cast Margo myself, I would’ve went with Dianna Agron (Quinn from Glee.) She just seemed like the ideal Margo to me, apperance wise. 

The director seems to not have too many credentials so, again, I don’t have much to base my hopes on. I’m just glad it isn’t Josh Boone. 

I really enjoyed Paper Towns as a novel but I don’t know how well some of the jokes (i.e. black santas) will transfer onto the big screen.

This is kind of a short post but my expectations for TFiOS were not met so I don’t want to get too overly excited this time. I’m on the lookout for some fan screenings (last year it was in May at the SVA theater) in New York City. If you know of any, let me know!

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