Confessions of a Teenage Girl

1. I’m scared that if I break up with my boyfriend I won’t have any friends because they’ll all choose him over me.

2. Although I got accepted to my dream college, I’m having doubts because I’m scared of cashing out $45,000/year to get an education in God knows what.

3. I haven’t told my mom I love her since I was 11 or 12.

4. I think I’m actually bipolar but I haven’t seeked any help because I’m afraid people will think I’m exaggerating or  crazy.

5. I might be a lymphomaniac. All I think about is sex and the only time I feel confident is when I’m having it.

6. I have an obsession for a very specific person.

7. I want to dance at parties but I don’t want anybody to comment on how I’m finally dancing.

8. Honestly, I just want to get married and have kids so I can guide them through life so they don’t make the same mistakes I have. 

9. I’m impulse driven, even though I don’t seem like it. Sudden impulses make me do things like steal, cheat, alter my apperance, or act out.

10. I love male attention.


Poem | 100 stories to tell

100 stories to tell

none of mine

100 years I’ve lived

just feeling fine

All eyes and ears

No hands or mouths

Sitting around my peers

Never part of any crowd

I Don’t Read Black Authors

Hey Everyone! So today I’m talking about my habit of not reading books by black authors or even of any ethnicity besides white.

Okay, I’m sorry. I made the title make me seem racist just for clicks but I really have noticed that my little library I have in front of me is made up mostly of white, male authors. It’s not something I do on purpose or consciously but I really want to change that. I really want to start reading more novels written by nonwhite and nonmale authors. PLEASE comment down below or email me to recommend me some novels to diverse my library. 

DIVERSE. That’s an important word when it comes to almost anything in life. Employers want diversity in their offices, colleges and universities want diversity in their student population but what does this word mean for novels and publishing?

It means that authors who do not fall into to majority are being recognized just as much as the majority, that they are respected and given the same opportunities that the majority receives. This topic really resonated with me when it first came to my attention right before I attended Bookcon 2014. When I first bought my tickets I mostly bought it because many of my favorite authors were attending but what did they all have in common? White Males. Honestly, I didn’t really notice at first but social media blew up on this and eventually there was a group called We Need Diverse Books at the convention. They brought the issue to the light and because of them, more female and ethnic authors were added to the list. (I stopped by the booth and even got a bookmark. I have it taped to my wall!) 

Throughout this year, I’ve been more aware of the books I read. I do more research on authors but I still havent committed to reading more diverse books. This is where I need YOU. From now on, I will be reading one diverse book a month (I know it’s not a lot but I have a busy schedule and only manage to read 3-5 books a month.) I may read more if I have an easy month. Again, this is where I need YOU. I need YOU to comment and tell me what you think about it. Tell me about books you would recommend to me. Also, tell me what other ISSUES you’ve noticed in the reading, book blogs, booktube, publishing community.

I already have a post about Why YA Novels Suck that you should check out. 

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*****DISCLAIMER****** I am not racist, I am not sexist. 

Thank you for reading! Have a Great Day!

My Blog Goals

Hey Everybody! Since I’ve been keeping my blog up and running for about a week I’ve decided to commit a little more to this and become consistent! These are my goals for this blog, I’m hoping to reach them by the end of Summer ’15. Please like, share, and follow my blog!

  1. Have an active community. I don’t need a specific number of followers but I’d love to have active comments flowing on my posts as well as e-mails from readers, suggestions, and tips.
  2. Stay commited. So far I’m really enjoying my blog and have been on it everyday (but I’ll be spacing out my posts just a bit) so I plan on not abandoning it. I’ve also been getting a lot more attention than any other blog I’ve had in such a little time! I feel really appreciated whenever I get a like or a follow!
  3. Stay consistent. I’m working on a schedule that will organize my blog a lot more!
  4. Have an independent domain. Okay, so this I can easily get with a little bit of cash but I don’t want to splurge when I haven’t been online for too long!
  5. Corresponding social media. I already have a corresponding Tumblr that’s under construction but once I get a bigger following I might make an Instagram. If you would like to see my personal Instagram, it’s @vanesa_isaura. I’m also thinking about making Youtube videos in the future!
  6. A more practical website layout. Bare with me for now, I’m no professsional!

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