Becoming A Better Person!

Hey Everybody!  So I decided that I want to become a better person. I wrote some goals down that I want to accomplish. Most of these take into effect on May 6 because until then, I am focusing on passing my AP English exam. After May 6, I will dedicate my time and effort into achieveing these goals.

Why do I want to be a better person? 

Well I’m starting college on August 31 and I just want to be as culturally educated as possible. A lot of my goals are mostly college prep types of things so I can be more well rounded and ready for college.

Here’s my list!

  1. Read more “smart” books. I’m currently reading The Scarlet Letter and Wuthering Heights. I want to discover similar books and maybe cross them off my list.
  2. Practice my Spanish. I speak Spanish at home but it’s never anything more than si and no. 
  3. Continue to learn French. I’m learning french on duolingo and want to continue to do so!
  4. Become organized. My room is currently in a state of dilapidation. It needs cleaning.
  5. Learn Math on the level I should be at. Math class hasn’t been a thing for me for about 2 years…
  6. Spend more time with loved ones. I’m really bad at spending time with friends and such. šŸ˜¦

Well I can’t think of anything more! If I remember I will update this list! Thanks for reading. Share any tips and maybe give me some more ideas!

Thanks for Reading



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