Little Women by Louisa May Alcott | First Impression

Little Women! The title wasn’t exactly what interested me in this book but I can see why it might to some people. I am about 15% through the book and to keep it short and sweet: I LOVE IT. 

Quick Description: 4 sisters living together with their mother. The father is serving in the military (or navy? I forgot, sorry!) but he is expected to return. The sisters each live different lives yet still have so many similarities.


All the characters have such a defined personality, even the old neighbor, and he’s only been around for two chapters so far!

This is not what I expected at all! It’s easy to read, easy to relate to, easy to empathize with the characters. 

Not sure what exactly the plot is so far but it seems to be creating a sort of story for each sister, probably so that readers have a better understand of who the characters are.


Will any of them fall in love with Laurie?

Is the old man going to die?

Why is Beth so sweet?!

Is the father going to come back?


I think the novel is setting me up for a huge plot twist and going to make me cry.

Thanks for reading! I’ll keep you guys updated on how I’m liking the novel so far! 


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