First Draft | You Stupid Bitch

“You stupid bitch!” yells Ethan, grabbing ahold of his petite wife’s frail arm. Her other arm drops the house phone and continues to resist, pushing, slapping, punching. Tears rolling down her reddening face while she gasps in between her words.

“Let go of me, Ethan!”

“Who were you calling?” 

“My mother!” Gasp. “I was calling my mother!”

Ethan pushes Elizabeth down to the floor. He grabs his coat from the chair it was hanging out and storms out of the house. Once Elizabeth can see his car leave the driveway she stands up and steadies herself. She turns towards the kitchen and sees young Abigail peeking from the doorway.

Thanks for reading! I’m enjoying writing these extremely short drafts. It’s a great way to just express my ideas. Let me know what you think by liking and commenting! Oh, and don’t forget to follow 🙂

Twitter: @rigorousreads


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