First Draft | I’ve Been Thinking

I lift her small, almost weightless, body on to my desk while still keeping my lips on hers. She pulls me in to kiss her hard with her hands around my neck. One of her hands then lower, down my chest, down my shirt, to the rim of my pants. She pulls her lips away from mine and looks at me. Her hands begin to slowly unstrap my belt. She hops off the desk, pushes me into my chair, and gets on her knees. She continues to take out my growing penis and leans closer to it. As her tongue begins to massage my shaft, her eyes are looking up at me saying “I’ve been thinking about this for a while.”

Thanks for Reading. This is just a random piece of writing I’ve been in the mood to write. I know it’s kind of odd, suggestive, and inappropriate considering my age (17) but I like to experiment with different themes.

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