Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline | First Impression

I believe in ghosts. They’re the ones who haunt us, the ones who have left us behind.” 

This quote opens the novel’s short prologue that introduces one of the characters in which the novel seems to focus on. Alternating between Vivian, an elderly orphaned woman, and Molly, an angsty teenage girl, the story is told about their lives and commonalities. Although I have only read about 30 pages of the novel so far, I’ve developed some thoughts about the characters. I might mention plot points that I’ve reached thus far but, again, I’m only 30 pages in, the spoilers aren’t really spoilers. These are some of my main thought about the novel:

  1. Molly, the angsty teenage girl, seems to be very stereotypical. She’s a rebellious goth girl who is in foster care. She also loves to read and attempted to steal a book from a library. No offense to the writer but from what I know about Molly so far, she just seems really pretentious and it does feel like Molly was written with a condescending view, like the narrator is picking at her flaws. Maybe this will change throughtout the novel, however pretentious teenagers is still a bit of a cliche in my opinion. 
  2. Vivian seems to be the best defined character so far and she’s only been present twice in the first 30 pages. This character seems to speak appropriately in regards to her wealthy lifestyle and age. Although at some points in the dialogue, she gives me a sense of sassiness which I don’t usually associate with the elderly but maybe that’s just a personal opinion.
  3. Overall the novel feels like a more mature Young Adult novel. The reason I say this is because the first couple of chapters narrates the teenage girl’s life but my opinion may change since the next chapter is in the point of view of Vivian. This actually bothers me a bit; the chapters about Molly are in third person but Vivian’s chapters seem to be in first. It must be intentional but it just seems rather odd to me.

Thanks for Reading! Comment below what you think and if you’d like a full review once I finish the novel! Don’t forget to like and follow too! 


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