My Blog Goals

Hey Everybody! Since I’ve been keeping my blog up and running for about a week I’ve decided to commit a little more to this and become consistent! These are my goals for this blog, I’m hoping to reach them by the end of Summer ’15. Please like, share, and follow my blog!

  1. Have an active community. I don’t need a specific number of followers but I’d love to have active comments flowing on my posts as well as e-mails from readers, suggestions, and tips.
  2. Stay commited. So far I’m really enjoying my blog and have been on it everyday (but I’ll be spacing out my posts just a bit) so I plan on not abandoning it. I’ve also been getting a lot more attention than any other blog I’ve had in such a little time! I feel really appreciated whenever I get a like or a follow!
  3. Stay consistent. I’m working on a schedule that will organize my blog a lot more!
  4. Have an independent domain. Okay, so this I can easily get with a little bit of cash but I don’t want to splurge when I haven’t been online for too long!
  5. Corresponding social media. I already have a corresponding Tumblr that’s under construction but once I get a bigger following I might make an Instagram. If you would like to see my personal Instagram, it’s @vanesa_isaura. I’m also thinking about making Youtube videos in the future!
  6. A more practical website layout. Bare with me for now, I’m no professsional!

Thanks for Reading! Please Like, Comment, and Subscribe!


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