As I Lay Dying – William Faulkner | First Impression


So today I began reading As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner. I only got about 30 pages into it do I decided it would be cool to make a post about how I like it so far, my expectations, etc. 

So far, from what I read, with no spoilers being exposed to me, I’ve noticed that the novel is about a family going through a rough time as the mother falls ill. The chapters I’ve read reveal a lot about the characters especially because the Point of View shifts every chapter. Each character speaks about the others so it is a bit difficult to determine who is the protagonist.

Also the Plot was a bit difficult to understand but that may just be because I wasn’t fully engulfed my the novel at first. Not going to lie, I had to take a few peaks at sparknotes about the first few chapters, just to understand what type of vibe the novel portrays. Speaking of Sparknotes, it was incredibly helpful for me to look at considering I’m the type to mess up Characters and their actions. I took a look at the character list before reading the novel so I can go into the book knowing who is who.I highly recommend this if you confuse characters often.

I’ve highlighted and took some notes in the book so far (don’t worry, it’s an e-book). I’m reading this book because I plan on taking my AP English test in May. Yes, I’m still in high school, but I have to stack up on literary merit novels and I’m paying close attention to things like symbolism & themes so if I tend to mention that in the future, please forgive me!

Thanks for reading!

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Have a great day!


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