Actual Books vs. E-books vs. Audio Books

Hello! Welcome to my second blog post!

Well lately I’ve been contemplating what type of books are best, especially for me. If you don’t know what the different types of books available are, here they are:

  1. Actual Books: I’d be surprised if you didn’t know what this is but I just mean books made of paper. Paperback or Hardcover. Old Fashion books.
  2. E-books: These have been around for a while. I’ve probably read about a dozen or more e-books which are basically electronic books. You can read these online but are mostly found on tablets such as Nooks, Kindles, and iPads. 
  3. Audio Books: I’m not sure how long these been around but you’ve probably seen those advertisements everywhere for which is the only type of audiobooks I have experience with. These books are not books you read but instead you listen to them. 

Pros and Cons of Actual Books

So I have the most experience with actual books compared to the other options. Pros would be the feeling of turning a page, conversation starters, and it won’t be erased if your device crashes or breaks. Physical copies of books are actually easier for high school students, like me, who are not allowed to bring electronics into school. Also, a pro would be the fact that you can’t get distracted by other apps when you’re supposed to be reading. You can also lend physical copies to other people easier than e-books and audio books. Having a filled bookshelf of actual books also has a greater aesthetic value in comparison to a shelf on your electronic.

Cons would be the fact that physical copies of books are not as portable as the others. Of course, taking a book with you on a train or in a waiting room without any burden, but if you’re moving or having to transport things, having a large collection of heavy books will not be too much fun. Another con would be that physical copies of books are usually more expensive than the other options. The difference may only be a couple of dollars but when you’re on a budget, those dollars add up.

Pros and Cons of E-books

E-books are gaining popularity these last few years with the availability of technology. E-books also seem to be a great option considering they are easy accessible, you can download it without having to worry about it being out of stock. You can also store thousand of books on one device instead of sacrificing space in a tiny apartment. Also, most devices have clouds now, so you can access your novels across all your devices that you already have. One perk that I adore about reading e-books is that I can highlight and add notes in my books without destroying beautiful books. E-books are also eco-friendly. 

As far as today, there isn’t many cons I can think of in regards to e-books. The books aren’t as pleasing to the eyes if you don’t have the copy on your shelf, you can’t physically lose an e-books, you can lend the books to people but it depends on the apps you have, and if your battery dies you are left without a novel to read. Also, if you read on a tablet that lets you download other apps and games, it’s easy to forget you can read a book. 

Pros and Cons of Audio Books

I’m not too familiar with audio books but I have listened to a couple. A pro would definitely be that you can multitask; you can listen to a book while washing dishes or driving your car or playing a game. Also, many people do not like to read and would much rather listen to the story being told to them. Honestly, I find more cons in audio books than pros.

Cons would include that you can’t exactly search through the novel efficiently when looking for a certain point in the plot, you can’t see how words are spelled to search them up, you might zone out if the speaker’s voice is monotone. If you have an audible account, you can only really buy one audiobook a month with the cheapest option, then after that one books is done, you have to wait for another month or pay money to get another book. If your battery dies, you are left with nothing to do. And personally I can’t recall the plot as great as when I actually read the words. 

My preference would be e-books. I do own about 200 real books but as I’m getting older, traveling more, starting college soon, I’ve found it easier to read e-books. It’s also easier for me to browse books, look at reviews, and find a specific novel faster than in a book store. But don’t get me wrong, I LOVE going to a big Barnes and Noble, getting a drink from the in-store Starbucks, and walking down aisles and aisles of literature. The closest book store to me actually closed down a couple of months ago, so that can possible by a contributing factor to my growing appreciation of e-books, they will never close down on me. 

Thanks for reading! Follow my blog! I’ve been getting A LOT more notifications concerning this blog than I expected. My previous experiences with blogs left me bored because of the lack of views but this attempt has surprised me so far. I haven’t arranged a schedule yet but I want to see my progress and stats before I get too professional. 

Talk to you later!


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